Terms of Sales

Paris, le 1 août 2017

1. Scope of application

www.odilejacob.com is a unit of EDITIONS ODILE JACOB SAS with capital of 392352 euros whose headquarters are located at 3, rue Auguste-Comte 75006 Paris, RCS Paris B 333520575 ((85 B 10970)

The terms of sale set forth here are applied to all sales conducted on the website www.odilejacob.com under the specific conditions indicated within the descriptions of the products.

The conditions presented here may be changed without notice at any time by www.odilejacob.com.

2. Description of products

The digital books (or ebooks) sold on www.odilejacob.com are digital files containing intellectual works (primarily books) and are intended to be downloaded to be read on personal computers.

Downloading consists of the transmission and the reproduction onto a disk belonging to the customer, of a digital file containing the work the customer has chosen.

The files to be downloaded are available either in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format having specific navigation functionalities (hypertext, text enlargement, text searching, personal annotation), or in EPUB format.

Ebooks are protected by French and international copyright laws. Unless a license specifying other conditions of use have been obtained, the downloaded files are reserved for the exclusive use of the person who has purchased them. They can be neither resold, nor lent out, nor transferred free of charge beyond the purchaser's immediate family, or for the legitimate needs of private use ; any sharing or reproduction of files, in whole or in part, outside the parameters of article L122-5 of the intellectual property code, is strictly forbidden and subject to criminal prosecution.

In order to protect the copyright without restricting the use of downloaded files by those who have legitimately obtained them, all items purchased on www.odilejacob.com are personalized with customer data (last name, first name, email address) through a digital marking dynamically affixed on each page.

3. Orders

All orders are fulfilled exclusively through the www.odilejacob.com website. Payment is processed at the time of the order.

The customer must be at least 18 years old, and must have the legal authority or have parental consent to place an order on www.odilejacob.com.

Clicking on the button « Continue to payment, » on the order summary screen, constitutes an electronic signature that expressly certifies the customer's unreserved consent to the Terms of sale presented here, and to the specific terms (i.e. the unit price) unique to each file purchased. The customer in doing so relinquishes the right to avail himself of any contradictory document, notably, his own terms of sale.

The customer may cancel his order up to the time payment for the order has been approved.

For security reasons, each shopping cart is limited to a maximum of 200€ TTC, and the number of orders per customer is limited to 5 per 7 days.

Any order that appears to be fraudulent may be blocked by the www.odilejacob.com site at the payment stage.

4. Availability of products

Protucts are normally available to customers at any time throughout the year. However, www.odilejacob.com reserves the right to temporarily block access without notice.

www.odilejacob.com cannot be held responsible for technical problems beyond its control, such as connectivity problems due to the customer's Internet service provider (slow or interrupted connection), or data problems related to the customer's hardware or software.

5. Prices

The prices of products are given in euros with all taxes included. All orders are invoiced in euros and are payable in euros.

Because www.odilejacob.com cannot verify the legal domicile of each customer, a VAT of 5.5% is included for every purchase.

6. Payment

Order totals are payable in full and in one payment upon completion of the order.

Payment for purchases is made by credit card (Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard) directly on the www.odilejacob.com, website through the payment service Paybox (https://www1.paybox.com). The bank transaction is fulfilled when the order is placed.

Once the credit card number is approved, the order is confirmed, and cannot be cancelled or refunded.

The customer may print an invoice through the « My Order History » heading under « My account »

7. Downloading

When payment for the order has been completed, the customer may download his ebooks by going to « My downloads » under « My account » If the customer loses his file, he can download his ebook again at any time by going to « My downloads » under « My account »

8. Product guarantee

All ebook purchases are final. They cannot be exchanged, refunded, or cancelled.

However, if, in spite of the quality controls overseen by www.odilejacob.com in the production of ebooks, a defective file prevents the customer from using the purchased ebook, he may return the defective file within two weeks after downloading it to servicecommercial@odilejacob.fr and a new, repaired file will be sent to him by www.odilejacob.com. The customer thereby benefits from the provisions of legal guarantees, notably those relating to the guarantee against hidden defects.

9. Protection of personal information

The information requested of the customer is, when marked as such, necessary for processing and completing orders, and constitute proof of all transactions carried out by www.odilejacob.com and its customers. Other information is useful for getting to know the customer and for improving services that may be offered on the website. That information and data are also retained for security reasons in order to respect legal and reglementary requirements.

Customer files on www.odilejacob.com and the way in which they are used are reported to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) whose rules are scrupulously respected (simplified norm of reference NS-48). The reporting number is 148 22 44.

The processing of personal data is carried out following the law pertaining to electronic data, files, and freedoms of 6 January 1978.

Any person who signs onto the www.odilejacob.com website thus retains the right of access and withdrawal of all personal data pertaining to him. Customers may email servicecommercial@odilejacob.fr (providing last name, first name, mailing and email addresses).

In addition, www.odilejacob.com informs visitors to the site that « cookies » may record certain information that is stored on their hard drive. That information is used to generate statistics about the visitors to the site and to offer products and services in function of previous visits. It is also possible to configure one's browser to accept or refuse www.odilejacob.com « cookies » at any time.

These « cookies » do not contain the visitor's confidential information, and are used only to improve personal service of benefit to him.

10. Responsibility

www.odilejacob.com can assume no responsibility for breach of contract in the event of force majeur (strikes, floods, fire).

www.odilejacob.com can assume no responsibility for the content of websites to which hypertext links may direct a customer from its own site.

The products offered conform to existing French laws. www.odilejacob.com may not be held responsible for the flouting of laws of a country where the product is downloaded. It is the purchaser's responsibility to verify with local authorities that the ordered products may be lawfully used.

11. Applicable law

The general terms presented here are subject to French law. Any litigation will be brought before the appropriate courts of Paris (France), where the headquarters of Editions Odile Jacob are located and where the sales contract between the parties has been concluded.