Pascal Lamy, Nicole Gnesotto

Strange New World

Where is the world heading? Towards a “new world disorder” (N. Gnesotto) marked by the resurgence of geopolitical conflicts and state-sponsored violence or towards an ineluctable economic convergence?
The two authors of this book do not share the same opinion about our world’s future, but they both hold this nexus between geopolitical and geoeconomic forces to be at the core of our understanding of global affairs. Building on their expertise in economics, defense, and European affairs, former Director-General of the World Trade Organization Pascal Lamy and defense analyst Nicole Gnesotto offer in this book a stimulating dialogue in the making. It first opposes, then gradually weaves together two different but complementary perspectives on future strategic challenges. If Nicole Gnesotto defends a classical Westphalian conception, according to which globalization has accentuated tensions and isolationism, Pascal Lamy remains confident in the power of a regulated and harnessed globalization to pacify the world and make it a better place. Both agree to highlight Europe’s capacity to “civilize” globalization by offering a regulated, hence more robust model of economic and political integration. This would imply, among other things, rebalancing its course with stronger geopolitical engagement and breaking the taboo of force.
Far from being another theoretical overview of global affairs, this book offers strategic thinking on the process and blends theory with vision and insight to provide us with an urgent examination of the great transformations that the world is now facing and the possible solutions Europe could offer to overcome this tumultuous phase of global history.
A must-read for anyone interested in getting a firmer grasp on global and European affairs.