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Hyperpower of Informatics (The)
Simplexity - Simplifying Principles for a Complex World
Brains That Pull the Triggers (The) - Syndrome E
Urban Challenge (The) - Reviving the desire to live in a city
Brain as a Chemical Machine (The) - Nicotinic receptors and neuronal communication
Good, the True, and the Beautiful (The)
Obstinate Nature
L'Oréal Adventure (The)
Up from Mississippi - A memoir
Genetics of Original Sin
Selective Eating - The Rise, the Meaning and Sense of «Personal Dietary Requirements»
Useless Man (The) - A Political Economy of Populism
On the Death and Life of Language
Science of Light (The) - From Galileo’s Telescope to Quantum Physics
Strange New World - Geoeconomics vs Geopolitics
50 Years of Financial Crises
Revival of Democracy in America and the Better Angels of Your Nature (The) - Letter from a European Friend
Einstein's Error - At the Frontiers of the Brain and the Cosmos
Life Explained
How Music Sculpts Our Brain
Smoke and Mirrors, Inc.

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